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New Mexico State University

Workshops Descriptions

Technology Integration

RETA201: History Hounds

Publish a newspaper

RETA202: Sell Your Hometown

Create a brochure

RETA203: Our 50 States

Create a bochure or flyer

RETA204: eGroups

Use web-based communication environment

RETA205: Lost Treasure

Learn email

RETA206: You Are What You Eat

Create a recipe book

RETA207: Digital Quilting Bee

Create a digital quilt

RETA208: Putting It All Together

Learn to use multiple computer centers

RETA209: Xeriscaping

Create a virtual landscape using several software packages

RETA210: Identity

Create digital quilt or personal recipe book

RETA211: Change

Create a presentation

RETA212: Character Education

Increase awareness of who you are

RETA213: Online Collaborative Project

Learn Project Center Method

RETA214: Media Investigations

Deconstruct magazine covers

RETA215: Heroes

Define hero and create virtual ones

RETA216: Advantageous Advertising

Create a product and advertise it

RETA217: Hollywood, New Mexico Video Production

Create a digital film

RETA218: Pet Store

Introduction to multimedia programs for elementary students

RETA219: Digital Portfolios

Build a multimedia portfolio

RETA220: A Midsummer Night's Scream

Create play program and flyer

RETA221: El Camino Real

Explore El Camino Real online

RETA222: Route 66

Learn about Route 66 in several web-based lessons

RETA223: Video Production: PSAs

Write, produce and direct your own videos

RETA224: MarcoPolo

Learn about the no-cost, standards-based lessons available at their site.

RETA225: Technology Basics

Learn bacic computer skills

RETA226: Ice Breakers

Use basic computer activities as a group intro

RETA227: WebQuests

Create and use webquests

RETA228: Web 3D

Create your own web pages

RETA229: Adobe GoLive

Use GoLive to create your own web page

RETA230: Adobe LiveMotion

Create animations for the web

RETA231: Adobe PhotoElements

Enhance photos and put them in your web site

RETA232: Instructor Designed Workshop

A workshop designed by your RETA Instructor.

RETA233: Web Conferencing PD

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