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New Mexico State University

Partner Workshops

RETA partners with K-12 districts/schools and agencies to provide customized professional development for technology integration. The number, length, and topics of the sessions are determined by the partnering agency. Our goal is to provide quality services at affordable prices, especially to K-12 public schools.

One way for districts to leverage their professional development funding sources such as Title II D, Title I, or grant funds is to partner with RETA. Please note there is a minimum half-day cost charged for services.

If a school, district, or agency partners with RETA to provide services the cost is determined by the number of participants, and number and length of sessions, in addition to travel expenses if incurred.

  • 5-12 participants = 1 instructor
  • 13-24 participants = 2 instructors

*Mileage may be added to the cost of the contract if travel is more than 50 miles round trip.

If your school/district or agency is interested in partnering with RETA, call 1.800.821.1574 or email

Technology Integration

RETA provides on-site and online customized professional development for K12 educators who are interested in learning how to integrate technology into their instructional practice. RETA workshops teach both technology integration strategies, and software/hardware skills.

RETA’s has provided numerous workshops that support basic to advanced technology integration strategies and skills. Topics cover the K-12 curriculum and include Basic Skills, Desktop Publishing, Media Literacy, Google Tools for Educators, Blogs & Wikis, Digital Storytelling, and Personal Learning Networks, to name just a few.

View the RETA workshops:

Blended and Online Teaching and Learning

RETA professional development for blended and online teaching with Blackboard Academic Suite and Moodle course management systems is available. Moodle is an open source learning management system that is free and can be downloaded from the web. RETA provides on-site workshops, online courses, and webinars on using and administering both Blackboard Academic Suite and Moodle.

Whether its Blackboard or Moodle, participants in RETA professional development for blended and online teaching will learn the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to be confident and successful facilitating an online learning environment whether they are supplementing their face-to-face instruction (blended) or teaching 100% online. RETA customizes the professional development to create the right balance of face-to-face workshops, online asynchronous (courses) and synchronous sessions (webinars) to support the partnering agency’s goals for blended and online teaching.

More advanced professional development is also available for blended and online course development in Blackboard Academic Suite or Moodle. RETA has extensive experience building the capacity of K-12 educators in transforming standards-based curriculum in core and elective subject areas for online learning environments.

National and state standards for blended and online courses from the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (link to, Quality Matters Program (link to, and or IDEAL-NM (link to are integrated into the professional development to ensure the quality of the blended and online courses. RETA professional development for blended and online course development will support the partnering agency’s goals.

Download the Online Teaching and Learning Opportunities Evaluation Report


RETA offers professional development in the use of webconferencing from basic skills to design and delivery of webinars. Depending on the partnering agency’s goals, the professional development can be a day-long hands-on workshop, a series of workshops, or a webconferencing course.

Sample recordings of archived RETA webinars or register to attend an upcoming one.

Internet Safety

RETA professional development for Internet Safety draws on a variety of current resources such as i-Safe, Wired Safety, Simple K-12 and common sense media’s CyberSmart! These customized workshops are geared to preparing teachers to teach Internet Safety to their students. Some of the available resources are free and pay-for services. The professional development will be geared to the partnering agency’s resources.

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