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New Mexico State University

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need to drop the RETA course or withdraw from NMSU?
University dates and deadlines apply for RETA courses taken for credit.

In order to drop the RETA class, please call the Office of Distance Education 1.800.821.1574. Please note: tuition refunds follow university deadlines.

Can I register online for NMSU RETA “for credit” courses?
No, please do not try to register online for a RETA “for credit” course.

Do I have to take RETA Professional Development “for credit”?
No, you do NOT have to take RETA professional development “for credit”. It is optional.

How do I get my grade?
The easiest way to get your grade and/or order a transcript is online at myNMSU. It is very easy to logon once you create your PIN number. NMSU ONLINE provides a number of student services through this web site. Additionally, you can call the registrar at 575-646-3411.

Do RETA courses count toward a degree plan?
RETA cannot guarantee that their “for credit” courses count towards a degree plan. You have to obtain the approval of the advisor and/or college under which you are earning the degree. In many cases, RETA courses will count towards a degree. However, it is a case-by-case decision made by the institution issuing your degree.

What course materials will I need?
The course materials needed will depend on what workshops you take. Before beginning any online workshop, please review the course syllabus for a list of materials. The on-site workshops usually do not require you to purchase materials. Although you might be asked to bring pictures, lesson plans, or other resources to a workshop. Please check with the RETA instructor(s) or with the district or workshop site facilitator.

What assignments do I have to do for the RETA courses?
RETA course assignments vary depending on the online course(s) you take. On-site assignments also depend on what workshops you attend. There will be a final project of some kind for each course in addition to the assignments.

Who grades my assignments?
Your RETA instructor(s) grades your work. It is important to let your RETA instructor(s) know if you are taking RETA “for credit”. You will be graded on attendance, level or participation, assignments, and the final project.

What about the final project?
Submit your final project to your RETA instructor(s). S/He/They should provide you with a deadline. Remember to allow enough time for the RETA instructor(s) to review your final project.

What are the teacher and student lesson template modules?
For a final project you might choose or be assigned to develop or adapt a technology-enhanced lesson from the teacher’s and/or student’s perspectives. RETA has developed templates to make it easier for you to organize the lesson and make sure all the necessary components are included.

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