Nutrition quiz

1) A food that is nutrient dense has:

a) many nutrients for the amount calories
b) many calories for the amount of nutrients
c) high weight for its volume
d) a long shelf life

2) Proteins are made of:

a) carbohydrates
b) lipids
c) amino acids
d) none of the above

3) Carbohydrates are described as:

a) red and green
b) complex and simple
c) high and low
d) soluble and insoluble

4) Which food is not nutrient dense?

a) soda pop
b) whole-wheat bread
c) vegetables
d) corn tortillas

5) Which of the following is a good source of protein?

a) broccoli
b) whole-wheat bread
c) tomatoes
d) beans

6) Our distant ancestors ate a diet that was:

a) 90% animal based
b) 1/3 animal products, 2/3 vegetable products
c) 10% animal based
d) heavy in processed foods

7) Saturated fats raise the cholesterol level in our bloodstream. Saturated fat can be found in:

a) olives
b) beans
c) movie theater popcorn
d) fish

8) A food is a complete protein if it contains:

a) all nine essential amino acids
b) unsaturated fat
c) minerals
d) all the water-soluble vitamins

9) What happens to carbohydrates that are not used right away as energy?

a) they are stored in the body as fat
b) they are stored in the body as amino acids
c) they circulate through the bloodstream until they are burned as fat
d) they are all used immediately as energy

10) Which foods contain unsaturated fats?

a) coconut, lard, and butter
b) seeds, oil, and fish
c) popcorn, hamburger, and cheese
d) corn, beans, and squash