Digestion 101
Are carbohydrates good or bad for your body? How about protein? What vitamins do you need? Minerals? What does fat do?
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The Nutrition Channel
Traditional foods like corn, beans, and squash can be quickly and easily prepared and are one way to honor our ancestors.
Learn to Cook the Navajo way with Lanell Pahe.
Put traditional Navajo Foods into the food pyramid.
Organize a Community Dinner to celebrate traditional foods.
Connecting to the Three Sisters
Science is just now starting to understand the benefits of all the plant-based compounds in vegetables and fruits. The three sisters share an abundance of these!
Learn Four Sacred Plants and the Three Sisters.
Move these Traditional Foods around the world!
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Healthy Trails
From the food we eat to how we spend our time, staying healthy is all about making choices and committing to good health.
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