Diné Philosophy
Why do Navajos create sandpaintings? What is the significance of the four sacred plants in sandpaintings?
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What's in a seed?
During their life cycle, plants grow from seed and make the seeds for the next year’s crop. These seeds are an important living investment in our future on this planet.
Watch beans grow in the Bean Lifecycle.
Test your knowledge of life cycles with a Round of Squash.
Learn what’s in a Seed Bank from biologist Mary O’Connell.
Watch a video on the importance of Plant Varieties, with biologist Mary O’Connell.
Corn: An Ancient Food
What do you know about the history, uses, and importance of corn?
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A Bean for all Places
Beans have a long history in Native American agriculture. Many varieties of beans have been cultivated to adapt to the unique arid growing conditions of the desert Southwest.
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Acorn, Butternut, Calabash…
Squash types vary from acorn squash to butternut to zucchini and include pumpkins and other types of gourds.
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Sacred Uses of Tobacco
Tobacco from the Four Sacred Mountains is sacred in Navajo teachings.
Listen to storyteller Hoskie Benally talk about Five Medicinal Plants.
Watch Robert Johnson discuss the sacred uses of tobacco.
The Three Sisters and Companion Planting
Did you know that how you arrange plants in your garden affects how they grow? With careful planning, plants such as the Three Sisters can work together in a garden.
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