Beans Web Scavenger Hunt

You and your partner or team members are going to collect information on beans.

Visit the following web sites and complete the ten items or the assigned questions. 

Web sites to bookmark for this activity

1. Beans plants are native to ____________________________.

  1. the New World (North America and South America)
  2. the Old World (Europe)
  3. Africa
  4. Asia
2. Botantically speaking, what is another name for plants with pods such as beans?
3. What are the two basic categories of Native American beans?
4. What are the two or three ways that bean plants grow (described by the shapes the plants have)?
5. List one disease and one insect that attack bean plants.
6. Compare the bean planting instructions for bush beans and pole beans.
  • How are the instructions the same for both varieties?
  • How are the instructions different for the two varieties?
7. How did Native Americans plant pole beans?
8. List the names of two kinds of beans that are Native American varieties from the Southwestern United States. What southwestern Native American group grows these beans?
Visit Native Seed Search and check out the beans.
9. Copy or paste the picture of one of the two beans from number 8. Label the bean.
10. List two interesting facts that you learned about beans in researching your scavenger hunt.