Corn Quiz

1) The earliest form of corn scientists have found is about how many years old?

a) 50
b) 300
c) 7,000
d) 2 million

2) Early corn came from a plant called…

a) Toonsite
b) Tiosyntee
c) Teetime
d) Teosinte

3) The “Three Sisters” are…

a) Corn, beans, and squash
b) Rice, beans, and lettuce
c) Squash, corn, and tomatoes
d) Wheat, rice, and corn

4) Maltodextrins are used in instant coffee and tea to…

a) Improve their flavor
b) Prevent clumpings
c) Change their color
d) Add volume

5) Which type of corn has the hardest kernels?

a) Pop
b) Flour
c) Dent
d) Flint

6) What is the most common type of corn grown for people to eat?

a) Sweet
b) Dent
c) Flint
d) Flour

7) Which type of corn is primarily used to feed animals and gets its name from its
unique appearance?

a) Sweet
b) Pop
c) Dent
d) Flour

8) Which of these things did the Native Americans NOT make from corn?

a) Bread
b) Chocolate
c) Animal feed
d) Sandals

9) What corn product is used to sweeten sodas?

a) Corn starch
b) Corn meal
c) High fructose corn syrup
d) Maltodextrins

10) Which of the following is the most commonly grown grain in the US?

a) Barley
b) Corn
c) Wheat
d) Soybeans