A great road trip needs a great postcard. How else can you send the message, ''Having a great time!'' to your friends and family?

New Mexico's Route 66 was well known for its scenery. This stretch of the Mother Road was like no other place, as described in the documentary Route 66 in New Mexico. "That brilliant blue sky, those movie-set mesas, the sun beat a whole new rhythm on the blacktop." Tucumcari, La Bajada Hill, Laguna, and Budville are quintessentially Route 66. In Road Stories you'll create digital postcards of these unique places.

Road Trip

Each of the buttons to the right will load a movie clip in a separate window. When the window appears, choose the movie size appropriate for you computer.


  1. Choose a location and watch the video excerpt from KNME's Route 66 in New Mexico.
  2. Write 2 - 3 statements about the place. If you need more information, see Pit Stops.
  3. Need ideas for creating postcards? Check out the following student created postcards (postcard #1, postcard#2, and postcard #3).
  4. Plan your postcard:
    • Typical postcards are 5 1/2 " X 4"
    • Choose either a single picture sized to fit, or several pictures sized to fit on the front.
    • On the back, in the upper left hand corner, write two facts or statements about the place.
    • Below the facts, create a message, as if you had mailed your postcard.
  5. If you have access to web editing software, you may choose to use that to create your postcard. For a tutorial on creating digital postcards in Adobe LiveMotion click here.

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