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New Mexico History Resource Framework

This framework presents resources that support teaching New Mexico History to elementary and secondary students. Learning activities are aligned with the New Mexico Content Standards, Benchmarks and Performance Standards, reflecting the knowledge, skills, and processes students should know and understand about New Mexico history. Content of this framework is organized into three main sections:

Community Profiles
Themes and information that characterize several communities around New Mexico.

Learning Modules
Activities and resources for K-12 teachers use a community-based approach to New Mexico teaching history. These modules offer ideas for study and lessons that augment and enrich the basic curriculum.

Online and offline resources relevant to New Mexico history.

Project overview
The New Mexico State Legislature appropriated $100,000 in 2003 for the Public Education Department to develop a framework of resources to support teaching New Mexico History to elementary and secondary students. The Department named Dr. Craig Newbill, Executive Director of the New Mexico Humanities Council, and Dr. Estevan Rael-Gálvez, State Historian, as project facilitators. These facilitators identified collaborators and assembled a task force from across the state to assist the Department with this project.

The project surveyed teachers from around New Mexico to identify current resources mapped to New Mexico history standards and evaluated gaps in resources. As a result, teachers were invited to enter lessons into My Standards, an online tool to plan and map instructional strategies based on NM Standards.

My Standards
The New Mexico History Resource Framework is included in the New Mexico Public Education Department’s My Standards. Please rate this resource framework. Your comments will be available to other users.

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