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Do you enjoy solving mysteries? Are you a super sleuth?

Here are two mysteries that need to be solved. You will work on your own for Case One. In Case Two, you will work with a group to create a solution. Good luck!

Case 1
I spent a very boring vacation last summer at my grandparents’ farm. One day, I snuck into the shed that is always locked. Inside was a strange contraption. After fooling around with it for several days, I figured out it was a time machine! A suitcase was inside the machine. Who does it belong to?
Time Machine

Case 2
Adventures R Us is giving away a free trip to the bravest person willing to go to an unknown, uncharted part of the world. This trip has no stated designation, and you will arrive at no given time. The time could be today, years ago, or in the future. You have been selected to go!

Unknown Adventure