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Credits for
This Adventure

Using Vivid Descriptions in Your Writing


Online Resources -- Writing and Research

  1. APlus Research and Writing
  2. LEO Narrative Essays

Using a Search Engine

To find more resources online, try going to a search engine such as one of those listed below. What keywords would you use to find out what you need to know? What sort of search engine would work best? Why?

Some search engines to try:
AltaVista Google Lycos WebCrawler
Ask Jeeves HotBot Netscape Yahoo!
Excite Infoseek  

Books and Articles

  1. Foote, Cheryl J. Women of the New Mexico Frontier, 1846-1912. Niwot, Colorado: University Press of Colorado, 1990.
  2. McNitt, Frank. "The Long March: 1863-1867." The Changing Ways of Southwestern Indians. Albert H. Schroeder, ed. Glorieta, New Mexico: The Rio Grande Press, 1973. 145-169.