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Credits for
This Adventure

The first thing you need to do is get together with a group of three (3) other people and decide what role each of you will assume for the assignment.

After groups are formed, choose a cultural identity from the following list. You will write your narrative from this point of view.

1. A Navajo boy or girl

2. An emigrant from the Eastern United States traveling with your family through New Mexico

3. A Spanish-speaking child whose parents own a store near Bosque Redondo

4. An American soldier, under Kit Carson's command, assisting in the movement of Navajos

Everyone in the group needs to have a different identity. After you've written your narrative, you will come back together as a group to discuss your papers and help each other find ways to improve them.

Item Description

Specific Instructions

 A formatted data disk

Check with your teacher on how to label this disk and the files that you save.

A folder or notebook to
save your journal entries
and assignments.

Label this with your full name and the lesson title. Print out the Stay on Track page and staple it to the inside front cover.

Computer time with an Internet browser and word
processing program.

Use these to research the topic online and type your assignments.