Carmen Gonzales
Project Director

Robert Kramer
Art Director

Linda Pickett
Curriculum Coordinator

  Multimedia Developer
Lisa Golden , Jonathan Benson

Unit Authors
Cecille Arquette, Joel Granger, Gino Wilcox, Lisa Golden, and Bethany Bovard.

Long Walk Narrators
Bill Alex Montoya , Carlos Cisco


The following multimedia resources used in this lesson were created using resources provided by the Museum of New Mexico Office of Statewide Programs and Education:

  • Interactive Image Tour of Fort Sumner and Bosque Redondo
  • The Long Walk: New Mexico Map
  • Historical Documents Related to the U.S.--Navajo Treaty of 1868

The animated map of the Four Primary Routes of the Long Walk was based on information and maps found in the following source:

McNitt, Frank. "The Long March: 1863-1867." The Changing Ways of Southwestern Indians: A Historic Perspective. Ed. Al Schroeder. Glorieta, NM: Rio Grande Press, 1973. 145-169.