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This Adventure

Your adventure will be to find out as much as you can about The Long Walk and New Mexico in 1863-1866. Keep detailed notes about where you find information, including citations of books and articles and URLs of web pages.

Questions to Consider

These are just a few basic questions to consider. What other questions do you have? Try to find the answers!

  1. Who forced the Navajos to leave their lands and why?
  2. Where were the Navajo lands and what were they like?
  3. What was the ordinary relationship between the Navajo and other people in New Mexico in 1863-1866?
  4. How were the Navajo forced to leave?
  5. Why did they have to walk?
  6. What did people in the public think about this at the time?
  7. How long did the Navajo stay in the Bosque Redondo / Ft. Sumner reservation?

Be sure to visit the Resources page, where you'll find some links that will help you get started in your research, including maps, historical documents, and web sites put together by various other people. Don't miss the interactive image tour of Fort Sumner and Bosque Redondo!

When you've finished your research, visit the Digging Deeper page for a few more questions to think about.