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Heads up History Hounds! Before you jump into this project, you'll need to do some warm-up activities that help you develop an overview of the local community history. Arranging for field trips, inviting guest speakers, contacting the local historical society, library and/or museum are good ways to discover the local historical resources. Developing a community history time line to show what happened and when would serve as a good organizer and focusing device.

If you need help with creating a newspaper, perhaps the school librarian or a local newspaper person or team will work with your class or you can find resources online.

Are you r-r-r-uff, r-r-ruff, ready to get started?

How does my community and the changes it goes through affect who I am?

As part of the upcoming Community Centennial Celebration, the local newspaper has been running a series of historical photographs. At first you thought the photographs were funny and weird. People sure dressed differently back then! And back before there were cars, everyone traveled by horses and donkeys on trails. The streets were just dirt. It must have been mighty dusty back then! But now that you've started looking closer at the photographs, you are noticing some interesting things about your community's historical past. You've started asking questions and sometimes you get answers, but most of the time folks just don't seem to know!

Luckily for you and your classmates, your teacher is interested in creating a fun learning experience related to the history of the local community. He/she has been talking to the local newspaper and they are interested in working with students. So it looks like your class is going to become a pack of "History Hounds" (ruff, ruff) ! You and your classmates are going to do some interviewing, investigating and innovating in order to publish the first edition of the "History Hound Gazette." Read on to find out more....