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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

How does my community and the changes it goes through affect who I am?

Haven't you noticed that your home town has been experiencing some big changes in the last five years? Yes, you and your family have talked about all the new faces in the community. There are more businesses and houses everywhere you look. There's even another traffic light in town! The new look and feel of your home town is exciting. There are more things to do with different places to shop and eat.

But at the same time, these changes have made your community different in some unfamiliar ways. What happened to that old adobe house on the corner? And where is Mr. Jenkins and his family? You and your family enjoy your home town and want to keep that sense of community. Maybe things are changing too fast! Wouldn't it be perfect to have the best of both the old and the new?

Lucky for you, other community members are also concerned and want to preserve the history of the community while welcoming the new changes. They have joined forces with the local museum and are sponsoring a project entitled, " An Exploration of Families: Past and Present." All community members are being encouraged to participate. The goal is to preserve more of the local history through an exploration of family histories from the past to the present.

To kick off the project, the local museum board wants to display a model of a project scrapbook! What an honor because you and your classmates have been chosen to create the first family scrapbook models. So, all you junior Rembrandts, Miros and Picassos, now is the time to get those creative juices flowing. Read on to get all the details, and buena suerte on your scrapbook project.