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As a knight living in "This Old Castle," you have thought for a long time that the facilities could use a little improvement. You've lived many years with the castle's leaky roofs, drab grey walls, and the sweltering heat in the summers. It seems that Queen Reta is finally ready to do something about it. The residents of the castle are all excited about the latest proclamation read over the castle PA system by Queen Reta.

"Hear ye! Hear ye! Spring spruce up is coming! I'm happy to announce that I won a bundle of money on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and we can finally fix this dump up! This year's major projects will be to paint the outside walls of the castle and its towers, put new roofing on the towers, and install a cooling system. But listen . . . you people are going to have to sort it all out, OK? I don't know how big this place is or how much paint we need. I'll tell you what: the first person who can figure all this out can paint it whatever color he or she likes. And I'll give you a promotion. How about that? And . . . and . . . a first class vacation to Mazatlan!"

Before anything can be done, someone has to calculate all the dimensions of the building. How much paint will be needed? How many square feet of shingles? How many air conditioning units? There are five knights trying to get all the information needed, and each of you only has part of what you need to know. It will be a challenge that takes cooperation and mathematical skill.

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Digging Deeper asks you to find out more about the Pythagorean Theorem.