This lesson is designed for elementary math, grades 1 through 3. Students go through the online activity to reinforce the concept of regrouping. The online activity requires minimal teacher guidance.

Student Activity

Regrouping Module

Student Outcomes

Upon completion of the lesson, students will understand the concept of regrouping for addition and subtraction of whole numbers.


Computer with Internet Access

This lesson should be done during the time in which regrouping is being studied in the classroom. The teacher needs to read the background information provided at the end of this document.



  1. Draw a set of pictures that tells the story of the trader and the Damaris Tribesmen from Africa.
  2. Write the math sentence that describes how much one sheep will cost.
  3. Write the math sentence that describes how much two sheep will cost.
  4. Look at the map of Africa from where the two Damaris tribesmen came . Can you give a description of the country where they live? Are there mountains? Are there rivers? Is it a desert? What else do you see on the map?
  5. Here is a picture of a flag that some people designed for the country of Damaraland. It was made in 1979, but the people never made it the official flag. Can you describe all the shapes in this flag? Can you use your art tools to make a copy of the flag for your classroom?


Students can be assessed on their understanding of sets, grouping, and regrouping. Students can be assessed on following directions in the online activity.


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Regrouping: A Tale of Two Sheep

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Regrouping: A Tale of Two Sheep

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