This activity is a shortened version of the Identity module. It provides opportunities for learners to identify various aspects which contribute to their uniqueness. Participants create individual quilt pieces which are combined to form a classroom or community quilt. Learners explore connections and individuality through using technology to create a common product.



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This lesson provides opportunities for students to identify various aspects which contribute to their uniqueness. Students will create their individual quilt pieces ( 8 X 11). This piece will include a nameplate, self portrait, one item that represents their family, one item that represents where they come from and one item that represents something they value the most. Further, students gain an understanding of their place in the classroom community by creating a class quilt.




Here are some possible plans of action.


Start by reviewing the criteria, or components, of the quilt rubric. The different components can be done either digitally or non-digitally. Some parts should be done digitally. The following six components are all going to be combined into the quilt piece, so make a plan before starting the quilt.

  1. With the digital camera, take a picture of yourself and save it to a disk. Or use a paint /draw program or markers/crayons to do a self-portrait.
  2. Use a paint/draw program and create a nameplate. Save file to disk.
  3. Decide what photo or item to use that represents your family. Scan the photo(s) or pictures(s) and save to a disk.
  4. Decide on an item that represents what you value the most. This could be a drawn symbol, a digital image of where they come from, or another photo or picture. Save to a disk.
  5. Decide on one other item that you want to include on the square. This is a free choice item. Save it to a disk.
  6. Think of a word that best describes you. Type this word in a word processing program or draw it in a paint/draw program. Save it to a disk.
  7. Try different layouts. Then create the final quilt piece.



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