The History Hounds lesson utilizes various technology tools and programs for students to create a newspaper that contains articles, photos, and advertisements from historical events in their community. The central question for this lesson is "What changes have taken place in our community?" Before the activity, students collect photos, news articles, stories, and other memorabilia from past events. These items are reformatted into a newspaper for display. Students also decide how to assess their work and present their completed newspapers.

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Learners explore the changes in their community by researching events and photos for an "old fashioned" newspaper. Technology tools such as word processing, page layout, photo enhancing, and using clip art are learned while students design, write, and print their own accounts of what changes have occurred in their community.



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Before you jump into this project, you'll need to do some warm-up activities that help you develop an overview of the local community history. Arranging for field trips, inviting guest speakers, contacting the local historical society, library and/or museum are excellent ways to discover the local historical resources. Developing a community history time line to show what happened and when serves as a good organizer and focusing device.

If you need help with creating a newspaper, perhaps the school librarian or a local newspaper person or team will work with your class or you can find assistance from resources online.

Driving question: How does my community and the changes it goes through affect me?


Before you start publishing the newspaper, the class needs to share what is already known about the history of where you live. And, more importantly, decide what you want to know about your community's history!


Upon completion of this lesson, the student will:

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History Hounds Lesson

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History Hounds Lesson

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