Through the use of various technological tools and interviewing activities, learners explore how their community affects individual identities. Learners also explore past, current and future community factors.

There are seven centers in the Elementary component which cover different subject areas. Technology is integrated in a thematic approach through the driving question: "How does our community and its changes affect us?"

What do middle school students know and think about the world they face? What are the changes they and their friends are going through; and how are these changes affecting their lives? Students search for answers to these questions in the Middle School component.

The Secondary component, "Our Community, Our Business" allows students to explore the history of business and industry in their community and compare it to another community of their choice. In addition, students investigate the employment patterns and availability of jobs in their community. The driving question is: "How have the changes in business and industry in our community changed the types of jobs and careers available to us?"

Note: The activities can be completed in a classroom over several class periods. For professional development, we suggested that these activities be completed during one in-service session.


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