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New Mexico State University

PD 2008


PD 2008 will offer two tracks. During registration, attendees will be asked to choose one track to attend.

Intro to Online Learning with Moodle

RETA will be looking to offer “Intro to K12 Online Learning” introductory courses online next year for educators who would like to experience an online class and begin to explore online teaching and learning. These classes will be offered through RETA’s Moodle server. At PD 2008, we would like to offer training on Moodle for instructors who are interested in facilitating these courses and/or learning more about Moodle design and development. Topics may include:

  • Moodle Course Navigation, Settings, & Roles
  • Editing Topics and Blocks, Adding Text & Pictures
  • Resources & Assignments
  • Forums & Chats
  • Choices & Journals
  • Bling/Widgets

These RETA Instructors would work with an existing Moodle course created by RETA and enhance it for use with RETA Participants. Summer follow up may include synchronous sessions on Moodle Reports, Moodle Gradebooks, and other topics which support the topic of K12 Online Learning.

Before PD

If you register for the Moodle track, it is essential that you create an account on the RETA Moodle site if you do not already have one.

  1. Go to RETA Moodle create an account page:
  2. You will need to confirm your account through an email.
  3. Once you have confirmed your account, you are free to explore the RETA moodle site.
  4. With your account created, you will be prepped to have your instructor access when you arrive at PD.

Educational Podcasting and Video Podcasting

Teaching and learning with podcasts and video podcasts (vodcasts) presents many unique opportunities. Teachers can use them to present class materials to students and post classroom updates to parents. Students can create podcasts and vodcasts to demonstrate their learning or to connect with other students.

However, with the many ways to create and publish podcasts and vodcasts, not every way will work for every teacher in every situation. So it takes time to find just the right method and to plan for successfully integrating them into teaching and learning.

In this in depth hands-on workshop, you'll have plenty of time to:

  • learn a variety of easy-to-use podcasting and vodcasting tools that will work in your specific teaching context
  • share ideas with others about how to integrate podcasting and vodcasting into your classroom
  • create a podcast or vodcast for your class
  • develop a podcasting/vodcasting assessment strategy
  • take home some research that can help you demonstrate to your principals why they should support your podcasting / vodcasting efforts
  • take home some info for your tech coordinators so they can be better prepared to support you and your podcasting/vodcasting endeavors
  • (575) 646-8231 or (800) 821-1574 | Fax: (575) 646-2044
  • Milton Hall 185, MSC 3CEL, P.O. Box 30001
  • Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001