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New Mexico State University



RETA Instructors

Date & Time

Saturday, June 2nd, 8:30 - 9:30 am


La Academia, Room 185, Milton Hall


In the spirit of fun, socialization, and sharing, PD 2007 will host the first ever RETA Unconference event.

An Unconference is a time for everyone to share areas of expertise and then focus in on a few key themes that everyone seems to be the most interested in. We feel that this type of sharing and networking is important in our continued development as a strong productive community of quality professional development providers.

During registration you will write on an index card something you've done that you'd like to share or a question/topic that you'd like to learn more about. Then, you'll post that card on a board. If you don't have something to share or ask about, then you don't have to post a card.

Some organization magic will occur, and then, at the appointed unconference time, everyone can go see what topics are available and go to the location of the topic of their choice. If you find that you've posted a topic that no one came to discuss, you can go visit another group and add to that conversation. After 40 minutes of sharing, we'll all get back together in a large group to highlight and discuss some of the exciting things we've learned.