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Military Experience
Pacific Theater

The Regiment
The men of the New Mexico National Guard were brothers, cousins, friends, and compadres. Learn why young men joined the New Mexico National Guard, unaware of the dangers that lay beyond New Mexico and their training camp at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Photo: New Mexico State Archives
  The Siege of Bataan
Armed with weapons leftover from World War I and lacking food, supplies, and an understanding of the enemy, the men of the 200th Coast Artillery Unit were unprepared for the Japanese invasion of the Philippine Islands. Learn about the Philippines and the first ground battle for Americans in World War II.

Photo: MacArthur Memorial Library
The Bataan Death March began when General Edward P. King surrendered the 78,000 U.S. and Filipino soldiers to the Japanese in April of 1941. The brutality of that march continued in the hellish prisoner of war camps where disease, starvation, and beatings were a way of life.

Photo: Battling Bastards of Bataan
The war with Japan raged across the Pacific and ended with two atomic bombs that were developed in New Mexico. At long last, the surviving POWs finally began their journey home.

Photo: National Archives
Today memorials to Bataan veterans can be found in quiet parks and along busy highways. These memorials tell the lessons of Bataan: the value of home and country, the strength of the human spirit, and the importance of preparedness.

Photo: RETA/Stu Munson-McGee

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