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Pack your bags for the Philippine Islands

The climate and the geography of the Philippines Islands had a significant influence on the men of the 200th & 515th Coast Artillery Units during the siege of Bataan as well as their subsequent experiences as POWs. In this lesson, students gather geographic information about the Philippines to plan a family trip to the Camp O'Donnell Memorial Monument.

Students will:

  • Describe factors affecting location of human activities, including land use patterns in urban and rural areas (SS Benchmark II-A Performance Standard 7:2).
  • Evaluate and select appropriate geography representations to analyze and explain natural and man-made issues and problems (SS Benchmark II-A; 9-12:1).

Students will:
  • Research the climate and weather of the Philippine Islands.
  • Use technology to gather and sort information to plan a virtual trip to the Philippine Islands.

Project Organizer
Project Organizer Chart
Web sites for research:

US Passport application
National Weather Service, Internet Weather Source
Fodor's Travel Online
Philippine Convention and Visitor's Bureau
Philippine Tourist Bureau


  1. Introduce the lesson with a class discussion about traveling abroad. Ask students:
    • How many have traveled to Mexico or to another foreign country?
    • What is involved with foreign travel?
    • How do you know what types of clothes to pack? How much and what type of money to bring?
  2. Present students with the following scenario:
    Your grandfather was a member of the 200th Coast Artillery in 1941. He fought in the siege of Bataan, and died shortly after the infamous Death March in Camp O'Donnell. Your father would like your help in arranging a family trip to Manila, PI and specifically, to the Camp O'Donnell Memorial Monument. The names of all POWs who died at Camp O'Donnell are recorded on a wall at the monument.
  3. Distribute Project Organizer worksheets. Working in groups, students plan a trip to the Philippines.
  4. Students may use the Internet, library, or community resources such as travel agents to gather the necessary information.
  5. Offer students a choice of using Web sites that you have gathered or a Web evaluation form.

Have students complete the self-assessment and the group presentation assessment.

Students present their virtual trips.