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Military Experience
Pacific Theater

Susan Bussman
Dr. Carmen Gonzales
Steven Sanchez

Curriculum Developers
Elatunbi Adeogba
Gabriella Alaniz
Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz
Barbara Kuhns
Melody Munson-McGee

Gabriella Alaniz
Jonathan Benson
Bethany Bovard
Matt Byrnes
Kerry Forsythe
Phillip Johnson
Estus Lott
Kurt Nimmo
Julia Parra

Virgil Aimes
Manuel Armijo
Nina Banegas,
    wife of Lorenzo Banegas
Evans Garcia
Weldon Hamilton
Tommie J. Harris,
    wife of Earl Harris
John Moseley
William Overmeyer
Ward Redshaw
Ralph Rodriguez
Agapito Silva
Ben Steele
Information Sources
Colonel Dave Abbott
Art Montana
Bataan Corregidor Foundation of New Mexico
Bataan Memorial Military Museum and Library
Battling Bastards of Bataan
Wilma Ticer Bull
Center for Research, www.mansell.com
Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation
Combat Studies Institute
Combined Arms Research Library
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Library and Museum
Bernadett Charley Gallegos
Major Richard Gordon, U.S. Army Retired
Weldon Hamilton
History Department, U.S. Military Academy
Chloe Huber
HyperWar Foundation
Michael Kamins, KNME-Albuquerque
Las Cruces Sun News
Library of Congress
MacArthur Memorial Library
Anna Marie Marquez-Varela, SER/SFPS Career Academy
Kandace Muller, Museum Curator, Andersonville National Historical Site
National Archives and Records Administration
National Park Service
New Mexico State Archives
New Mexico State University ROTC Program
New Mexico Veterans Memorial
Proviso East High School Bataan Commemorative Research Project
Ward Redshaw
Colonel Gerald Schurtz
VFW Post 7591, Madison, Wisconsin
White Sands Missile Range
Aaron Wilson

Battling Bastards of Bataan
Jeff Brown, Department of Biology, New Mexico State University
Britney Bunker
Pat Concannon, New Mexico State Department of Education
John Crews
Judy Crews
Lori Ditmore
Martha Dooley, Las Cruces Sun News
Audrey Hamilton
MacArthur Memorial Library
McGaffey Films
Jacob Munson-McGee
Quincy Munson-McGee
Georgianna Peña-Kues
Barbara Redshaw
Christopher Schurtz, Las Cruces Sun News
Nancy Shockley, NMSU History Department
Don Stivers, Artist
Rick Trujillo, Bataan Memorial Museum
James Zobel, MacArthur Memorial Library

Contact: RETA@nmsu.edu