Digital Portfolios


The Digital Portfolio lesson utilizes various technology tools and programs for students to create portfolios. The central question for this lesson is "What are digital portfolios and how can we use them?" During the school year, students collect and organize projects, photos, and school work into a multimedia format that represents what they have accomplished. Assessment of products placed in the portfolios is also an important component of this session. Students present their digital portfolios at the end of the year.


Digital Portfolios Lesson

Digital Portfolios at the Elementary Level

Digital Portfolios Final Session

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Example Mrs. Ashby's Sixth Grade Class [a PowerPoint Presentation]

Standards for Digital Portfolios


This unit is also designed as a professional development workshop. For materials relating specifically to workshop delivery, click here.

This module created by Marjorie Sharp, Margaret Hoskins, Julia Parra, Fred Lackey, Smith Frederick, and Kd D'Port, RETA instructors; Sharon Dogruel, RETA coordinator.

Copyright 1999 New Mexico Regional Technology Assistance Program.